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Shipping And Returns Policy:

  1. We only list products on the website which are available and in stock, or for which we have a ETA (estimated time of arrival).
  2. Prices and availability information on our website is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time the site was last updated.
  3. Prices and availability of products is updated at least once every business day.
  4. Products are shipped from the warehouse once payment in full has been received – please allow 7-10 business days to arrive within Australia.

Product Availability:

The availability information for this website is taken from our real time inventory & data processing system, if our website shows an item to be listed as “In Stock” and a quantity is provided, you will not need to confirm stock before purchasing the item.

However we do recommend you contact us about stock should you wish to purchase a large number of the same item (e.g. more than 5 rolls of shade cloth) to ensure the stock quantity is available as well as being able to assist you with a bulk discount.

By Order Stock, ETA Stock And Out Of Stock:

If an item is listed as By Order Stock- this means this is a product we do not hold stock of. These are special request items and are only ordered in on request. These items require a no refundable deposit of 20%, to secure your order. The wait time on these items is generally between 4- 8 weeks.

If an item is marked as ETA, and a date is provided, this means we currently do not have any of this stock in store but it will be arriving by the date listed- if you would like to order this stock and pay for it up front, you will receive a 10 % discount off the total price. Contacting us by email will secure your request for this product and ensure you receive the 10 % discount.

If an item is marked Out of Stock and no ETA is provided, please contact us by email to arrange a back order of this product – you will be contacted as soon as the stock arrives in store.

Fraud Prevention:

For certain credit card orders (i.e. based on fraud risk as determined by our automated fraud risk assessment procedures), we will undertake additional steps (as determined by our fraud prevention policies) to ensure the transaction is not fraudulent. These steps may include, but are not limited to:

  • Calling the customer and/or the owner of the credit card on a landline number
  • Verifying the landline number as belonging to the delivery or billing address
  • Validating the billing address specified on our website as matching the billing address provided to the credit card issuer
  • Requesting the courier to verify and record the identity of the recipient on delivery
  • Requesting a photocopy of the credit card to be faxed to us (to verify physical possession of the card)

Data Security:

J A Grigson Trading Pty Ltd, uses the industry standard security protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt all sensitive information (like your credit card details) that passes between your computer and the J A Grigson Trading Pty Ltd website. We employ the latest 128-bit encryption technology in all areas of the site which require you to provide your personal or account information. This means that the credit card information you send is encrypted by your computer, and then decrypted again on our side, preventing others from accessing your private information in transit. So, when using an SSL capable browser, shopping on the J A Grigson Trading Pty Ltd website is perfectly safe.

Also, when your provide credit card information on our website, it is passed directly to the bank via an SSL secured payment gateway and is at no stage stored on our website or in our database. This means there is no risk of your credit card information being stolen, even in the highly unlikely even of someone gaining access to our database.

Linked Websites and Hyper-links:

This Website may include hyper-links to other websites. These hyper-links are solely provided for convenience and should not be interpreted as our endorsement, approval, or recommendation of the owners or operators of those linked websites, or any information, graphics, materials, products, or services mentioned or available on those linked websites. We hold no responsibility for the content or privacy practices associated with the linked websites.


Shipping charges apply to all orders placed. Our shipping cost is calculated on the weight, volume and delivery post code for every order. To avoid delays and possible second delivery charges, we strongly recommend that you provide an attended business address (such as a work address), where someone you trust will be available to receive and sign for the order during normal business hours.

We only use person-to-person delivery services (i.e. Where the recipient must sign for the delivery) to ensure orders can be tracked all the way through to delivery. For certain orders (i.e. as determined by our fraud prevention policies), we may also request for the courier to verify the identity of the recipient.

Delivery Times:

Normal delivery times for items in stock are 7-10 days from payment clearance. These timelines are guidelines only. J A Grigson Trading Pty Ltd does not take any responsibility for any delays in shipping. Where possible we provide consignment details and courier tracking numbers to customers (in the order status), so please contact the corresponding courier to track your shipments.

Signing for Delivery – The customer is responsible for ensuring that either they or their authorised representative inspect the goods prior to accepting the delivery and signing the Proof Of Delivery (POD) document. Each delivery should be checked for completeness (i.e. Enclosed goods as per accompanying Consignment Note) and any transit damage. Failure to inspect the goods prior to signing the POD will result in voiding of any insurance against loss or transit damage.

  • Signing of a Proof of Delivery (POD) document confirms that the consignment has been delivered in full and in good condition (i.e. no visible physical damage). POD should only be signed once the goods have been inspected as a clean signed POD will void any insurance against loss or transit damage.
  • If a shipment arrives with a damaged carton or item, the delivery should either be rejected with POD not signed or the POD must have the exact damage noted on it including any carton identifier available, signature, name and date as above. If this information is not provided the POD will be treated as clean and will void any ability to claim loss or transit damage against shipping insurance.

Additional Fees And Charges:

If we incur extra delivery charges as a result of your action or inaction, these may be passed on to you at our discretion. An example of such charges are second delivery charges by couriers as a result of you or someone who can receive the goods not being in attendance at your nominated delivery address when you have specified that the address is attended during normal business hours.

Refund And Return Policy:

Statutory Rights:  No part of the Refunds and Returns Policy is intended to limit any rights or remedies customers may have under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) or equivalent State and Territory legislation.


Please research the products carefully before placing an order. We generally do not provide refunds or exchanges for incorrectly ordered goods or if you change your mind once you have received the goods. We take no responsibility for incorrect choice of product

If at our sole discretion, we decide to accept non-faulty goods for a refund, a re-stocking fee of 20%-25% may be charged and other non-refundable costs incurred by us (i.e. Credit Card Handling Fee and Freight Costs) will be passed on.

Return of Faulty Goods (Under Warranty):

BEFORE returning any faulty goods to us you must initiate a return / warranty claim with our Service Department.  Our Service Centre reserves the right to reject incomplete or not properly packaged items.

A refund for the amount paid for the item or a replacement item will be provided at our discretion for any goods returned under store warranty. A refund or replacement item will only be issued once the faulty item has been received and tested for the specific fault / problem specified in the Return / Warranty Claim and found to be faulty.

If a product is sold in a bundle with another product only the faulty product will be replaced or refunded with the non-faulty products valued at the individual product price as at the time of the purchase.

Should the goods arrive broken or damaged, and you have proven this by contacting us via email with photo proof, we will refund the cost of the product and freight costs.

Should the item be faulty and fall under the product warranty ( i.e. Plastic breaking down in the sun, despite having a 10 year UV warranty) the refundable potion  of the goods ONLY will be refunded.

Product warranties are Pro Rata, meaning if a product breaks down in year 5 of a 10 year project, you will be refunded 50% of the cost of materials.