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GREEN HOUSE FILM 7.5m x 1m 180um EVO7507AC (GH28155)

GREEN HOUSE FILM 7.5m x 1m 180um EVO7507AC (GH28155)

SKU: GH28155

GREEN HOUSE FILM 7.5m x 1m 180um EVO7507AC (GH28155)


Commercial Green House film

Plastika Kritis

Made in Crete

8 Layer, Long Life, Medium diffusion, anti drip, anti fog film

4 year UV warranty




Green House Film

  • Width – 7.5 metres (butterfly folded to 2.0 metres)
  • Thickness – 180um
  • Length –  1 metre
  • Cut to required lengths
  • Plastika Kritis
  • Made in Crete
  • 8 Layer, Long Life, Medium diffusion, anti drip, anti fog film
  • 4 year UV warranty

Unlock the potential of your agricultural endeavours with our high-quality 7.5 metre green house film, designed to revolutionise farming practices in Australia. This transparent plastic covering offers a multitude of benefits that enhance crop cultivation and maximise yields.

Experience Enhanced Climate Control:

Our premium 7.5 metre green house film serves as a protective shield, seamlessly creating a controlled environment that shields your crops from harsh weather conditions. Effectively regulating temperature, humidity, and light levels, it facilitates year-round cultivation, safeguarding against extreme heat, frost, and wind. As a result, you can ensure consistent crop quality, extend growing seasons, and drastically reduce the risk of crop failure.

Efficient Water Conservation:

In water-scarce regions like Australia, strategic water management is paramount. Our advanced green house film minimises water loss by significantly reducing evaporation and blocking direct rainfall contact with your crops. This intelligent solution optimises water usage, expertly retaining moisture within the growing area, conserving this precious resource while simultaneously maintaining the health and vitality of your crops.

Pest and Disease Control:

Shield your crops from relentless pests, insects, and diseases using our cutting-edge green house film. Acting as an impenetrable physical barrier, it thwarts their entry, effectively curbing their influence and substantially diminishing the need for chemical pesticides. This environmentally friendly approach not only ensures the continued well-being of your plants but also minimises crop losses and guarantees the production of superior, marketable produce.

Maximise Crop Yield:

Harness the full potential of your agricultural ventures with our exceptional green house film. Its dynamic properties create an ideal environment for unparalleled plant growth. By skilfully adjusting critical variables such as temperature, light, and humidity, you can maximise both your crop yield and quality. Witness the remarkable results as our green house film enables efficient land utilisation, empowering you to produce more food while preserving invaluable agricultural land.

Embrace the future of Australian agriculture with our extraordinary green house film. Its extensive benefits, ranging from climate control and water conservation to pest management and increased crop yield, will irrevocably transform your farming practices. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure a sustainable and prosperous future for your business.

Weight 1.5 kg